2018: The Way Ahead and AdviceUK

For London Members: The Way Ahead and AdviceUK

AdviceUK is currently receiving some funding from the City Bridge Trust that enables us to engage with and support The Way Ahead (TWA). This is an initiative based on the conviction that London needs a vibrant Civil Society, that Civil Society organisations need access to support and to have a voice, and that there are opportunities to review how such support is provided. As a national umbrella organisation, with many of its members being London-based, AdviceUK plays a unique role in TWA as a specialist provider of support to frontline social and welfare advice agencies and services.

City Bridge Trust - The Way Ahead

AdviceUK’s TWA work has included developing a position paper with our contributions to the various themes which TWA explored initially ie Co-production; Triage and Connect; Data Sharing; Funding and Commissioning, and Voice and Campaigning. We also have contributed to a number of  activities organised under the TWA banner. These have included consultations, some of them organised in coordination with the Greater London Authority (GLA) on their own Civil Society Strategy and on Health Inequalities. We also are part of TWA Equalities SubGroup which works to ensure that equalities issues remain at the top across all TWA and future developments.

TWA has already brought about some changes for how pan London generic support to Civil Society will happen in years to come. After 107 years of existence being set up to support London’s thousands of civil society organisations, London Voluntary Service Council (LVSC) transferred its remaining functions over to Greater London Volunteering (GLV) in 2017. This was in preparation for the establishment of a hub for London. The London Hub secured funding from City Bridge Trust last year and is in the process of recruiting staff that will be taking the new organisation forward. A London Hub Advisory Group is in place to support the new body and includes representatives from a range of civil networks from across London.

To take forward and oversee the implementation of the broader TWA vision, a Systems Change Group was also set up bringing together stakeholders from all sectors. It includes representation from regional funders, London government, grassroots organisations, equalities champions and development organisations working at a borough level in the capital.

The London Hub will have limited resources and its focus is likely to at least initially be on a few strategic issues eg data, networking and voice.

Appropriately, AdviceUK is currently promoting amongst networks linked to TWA and the Hub training and learning opportunities on the very topical issues of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and inviting them to attend, and themselves let know, of our GDPR Conference on 12th April.

Watch this space for further updates!

If you would like to find out more on how AdviceUK is working with TWA please contact us on development@adviceuk.org.uk

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