2015-2017 London Councils

London Councils

Stronger Organisations – Benefiting London(ers)

Between 2015-2017 AdviceUK was funded by London Councils under their 2015-2017 Grants Programme to provide effective infrastructure support and capacity-building for London’s advice sector in all London boroughs.

As part of the programme, AdviceUK were able to offer free support to any voluntary organisation or community group that provided social welfare information and advice. With Law Centres Network and LASA as partners, this programme enabled advice services to deal more effectively with the problems faced by Londoners, particularly those resulting from welfare changes, in and out of work poverty, and the overall squeeze on low-income households.

A wide range of services was provided to individual advice services, advice networks and other partnerships, including: our support helpline for advice providers; development consultancy; help with fundraising and other income generation; strategic planning; development of advice strategies and commissioning frameworks; quality assurance and service improvement; social policy and influencing work; learning and skills support, including training provision; equalities work; and the London Advice Conference.

London Councils withdrew funding for this project in 2017.

AdviceUK still provides many of these services as part of the paid for consultancy offering.

Please contact our consultants for more information on:


Dal Warburton

Enrique Saenz

For more information contact our consultants by phone on 0300 777 0107 or 0300 777 0108. Email us at consulting@adviceuk.org.uk or visit the consulting section of our website.

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