Project Plan

Project Timescales

The project pilot will run from from September 2011 until April 2013. Project planning is based on 3 stages:

Stage 1 – Pilot preparation

  • Selection of debt advice agencies to participate in the pilot
  • Preparation of the pilot infrastructure
  • Appointment of independent evaluator
  • Training of pilot agencies
  • Finalisation of monitoring and evaluation framework

Stage 2 – Pilot operation

  • Pilot execution
  • Interim reporting

Stage 3 – Evaluation

  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Preparation of rollout plans, if the evaluation is positive

What has happened so far?

The preparation stage has been completed, involving:

  • Building the technical infrastructure, linking the AdvicePro Case management system with Payplan’s systems to enable DMP and IVA referrals; and adapting Payplan’s payment disbursement system to work for the pilot;
  • Selecting 9 pilot agencies and training them to take part in the pilot. They are a diverse group, some large, some smaller; mostly providing face-to-face advice, but also telephone advice; some providing services to niche groups within their community; all of them innovative in their approach and eager to support the project actively;
  • Setting up an advisory group with representatives of the money advice sector, creditors, regulators and the academic community. It meets about 3 times a year to provide guidance to the project;
  • Appointing an independent evaluator and agreeing how the project will be evaluated.

The pilot stage is now ‘live’ with cases being processed in accordance with the pilot model, and data collected to enable evaluation.

What next?

  • We will continue to collect data and monitor project progress through to the end of the pilot stage, in March 2013.
  • We learning and make improvements as the pilot progresses.
  • An interim evaluation was completed in the early autumn 2012, with a summary report made available through our website.
  • We are starting to look at how SDAP could be rolled out much more widely.
  • A formal evaluation report will be completed by May 2013, following which the results will be disseminated.