Advice Skills (3 days)

“Thanks for the excellent training”

“Very good trainer, very knowledgeable and presented her material in an informative and useful manner.”

Carolyn Dunn- Hammersmith and Fulham MIND

Please note, this is a 3-day programme

Winter Course: Tuesdays from 16th January 2018

Spring course : Tuesdays from 15th May 2018

Autumn course : Tuesdays from 25 Sept 2018

Sessions start at 9.45am

AdviceUK Members £260, Voluntary sector £355 + VAT, All other organisations £385 + VAT

Learning objectives

  • Give an overview of the background to the advice sector
  • Define the underlying and key principles of advice
  • Explore some of the issues clients bring to advice sessions
  • Identify and describe the key stages of an advice-giving process
  • Review the basic advice process
  • Describe the key stages of reviewing and closing client cases
  • Discuss strategies for dealing with difficult client situations
  • Reflect on own learning and undertake personal action planning
  • Content

Why the advice sector exists

  • Difference between information, advice & advocacy
  • Why people need advice & sources of advice
  • Key principles of an advice service – confidentiality, independence, equal opps & diversity, accountability, accessibility
  • Stereotypes, preconceptions & their effects upon clients
  • Best practice in case recording, signposting & referring
  • Skills you need as an adviser
  • Common client issues
  • Detailed exploration of the basic advice process – welcoming the client; finding out about the problem; gathering information; presenting options; action planning; closing cases/ next steps
  • Dealing with difficult client situations
  • Action planning – from classroom to workplace to clients

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