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Enrique Saenz - Consultant

Enrique Saenz, Consultant

Enrique is one of AdviceUK’s key consultants, he has worked with AdviceUK specialising in quality assurance for the advice sector, organisational review and advice service development.  Enrique works with Dal to co-ordinate and manage AdviceUK Consulting. He has a background in voluntary sector management and over 8 years’ experience working to support local voluntary sector organisations in London. He brings additional expertise in project monitoring and evaluation, partnership working and organisational governance.

Mr. Enrique Saenz


T: 0300 777 0107

Dal Warburton, Consultant

Dalibor works with Enrique to co-ordinate and manage AdviceUK Consulting. He has over 9 years’ ongoing experience of delivering a range of consultancy interventions for AdviceUK, with recent assignments involving local authority commissioning, service review, monitoring and evaluation, cost benefit analysis, service design, funding and income generation and inter-agency collaboration. He has in-depth knowledge of social welfare advice provision, particularly in the areas of welfare benefits, debt, money management, housing and immigration, and has worked extensively with local authorities, voluntary sector organisations, central government departments and other stakeholders with an interest in advice.

Mr. Dal Warburton


T: 0300 777 0107

Chilli Reid, Consultant

Chilli has many years of experience in the advice sector and for AdviceUK. As AdviceUK Executive Director and Consultant, Chilli has set up a highly specialised area of consultancy through his work with universities and the groundbreaking multi agency law student placement schemes. These schemes that place students in social welfare advice centres have proved to be a great success with universities that want to offer a real life clinical legal education experience to their students to complement their academic studies. Students attend workshops, orientation days, receive ongoing support and supervision and are an integral part of the learning and evaluation cycle. Chilli has extensive knowledge of how access to justice coupled with a focus on employability can be best be used by higher education establishments.

David Hawkes - Money Advice Consultant

David Hawkes, Consultant

David has been National Money Advice Co-ordinator at AdviceUK since January 2009.  He has worked in the advice sector since 1992, initially for the CAB Service in London and then for eight years as the Manager of Gloucestershire Money Advice Service.

In his current role David has responsibility for AdviceUK’s money advice policy and strategy. David works with, and has worked at board level with a variety of organisations including as Co-Chair of the Money Advice Association, Vice Chair (Advice) of the Money Advice Liaison Group, trustee of the Money Advice Liaison Group, EDF Energy Trust and the Debt Counsellors Charitable Trust, and Chair of the Debt Resolution Forum’s Complaints, Conciliation & Disciplinary Committee and the Wessex Water Partnership. He was the first Chair of the Institute of Money Advisers and also a member of the Money Advice Sub-Group of the Financial Inclusion Task Force from 2009 to 2011.

David also represents AdviceUK on a number of fora and working groups, including the Financial Conduct Authority’s Consumer Network and the Money Advice Service’s Debt Advice Operational Group.

Alan Jarvis, Consultant

Alan Jarvis has a broad consumer protection background including advice and trading standards enforcement.  Alan managed a local authority money advice service for ten years and was a founder member of the Money Advice Association (now IMA). Alan is a past Chair, and remains an honorary Fellow of the Institute of Money Advisers. In 1995 Alan was appointed Director of the Money Advice Trust, a strategic advice service partnership between the advice sector and financial institutions. He was a founder member of the Money Advice Liaison Group. Alan has over 25 years experience of advice service development as a trustee and consultant to advice services and the commercial sector. Alan manages the Insurance products provided by AdviceUK, and is also non- executive director of the Bankside Gallery, in London

Ros Lucas, Consultant

Ros Lucas , Consultant

Ros offers organisations and individuals a range of support services, drawing on her 30 years’ experience within the independent advice sector and Citizens Advice as a  Chief Officer, Chair of Trustee Boards, trainer and specialist adviser.  The services she provides include: advice, support and mentoring on governance, strategy and management issues, mediation of workplace disputes, development of staff teams through action learning sets,  facilitation and training.  Ros has practical experience of being a Chief Officer, managing staff, creating environments that support discussion and collaboration between individuals, teams and senior management in the advice and charitable sectors.   She has exceptional people skills and is able to build a trusting and effective relationship quickly.

Ros is a member of the Professional Mediators’ Association and fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs.

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