Member Benefits

Benefits of Membership

As with membership of any association body, the first and obvious benefit of membership is recognition – in this case as a bona fide advice provider and member of the appropriate national membership body for independent advice agencies.

Membership signifies that you subscribe to at least baseline standards of operation; that you desire to have this known and that you are open to scrutiny. Relevant funders, regulators and other advice providers are familiar with AdviceUK and the other national advice networks and look for evidence of membership. Membership entitles you to display the AdviceUK logo at your premises, on printed materials, on your website and in e-communications.

The second main benefit of membership is access to the support services available through the network. Having a collective membership market for support services has enabled us to develop and deliver a range of support for members at affordable prices – in some cases even free*. Examples include training courses, qualification routes, insurances and software – which Members get at a discount of up to 30%.

* This has mostly been where we have raised national or regional grant funding for specific support programmes though we have also cross-subsidised support from our own resources.

Find out more about our Support Services here.

The third main benefit of membership is collective advocacy and influence at the national strategic level. A key part of our work is to represent  the interests of our members and of people in need of advice to government and others whose powers and activities can positively or adversely affect the demand for and supply of advice. We engage regularly with government departments, executive agencies and commercial interests through forums, working parties and consultations and by making submissions and proposals. Subject to gaining more resources, this is an area of work we are always seeking to expand – particularly by building our capacity for gathering and presenting data from members.

When you join AdviceUK, you become a member of the biggest network for independent advice centres in the UK.

As a national body we represent your interests to stakeholders and the government and provide a voice to funders and supporters.

We offer many services and products tailored to the advice sector, and as a member you can benefit from discounts on all of them – helping you run better, more efficient services, and giving you the freedom to concentrate your efforts and resources on the people you help every day. Any money we make goes into providing more resources for our members.

What do we get?

Membership immediately provides you with AdviceUK recognised status and allows you to display your AdviceUK Endorsement through:

  • Certificate of membership
  • AdviceUK branded window stickers
  • Access to AdviceUK merchandise

Membership Benefits

You can get the following at no extra charge:

The benefits and services that come with membership include:

  • Consultancy – Free visit from the AUK’s consultants when first joining
  • Information, News and Updates
    • Email newsletters and postal mailings with information and resources on the latest products, events and developments
    • Updates on grant funding
    • Access to AdviceUK’s Facebook page
    • Regular Tweets with information about the sector and AdviceUK’s services
    • Options to have your films uploaded onto the AdviceUK YouTube Channel
  • Support services including:
    • Free access to the Business Support Helpline
    • Free access to wiseradviser training and the Specialist Support Unit for money advisers
    • Money Advice support
  • Affiliate Memberships – Fast track application to NHAS membership for eligible AdviceUK members
  • Campaigning and Policy Work
  • Networking – sharing sector knowledge

Additional Services open to Members, Associates and Affiliates only:

  • Organisational support through AdviceUK’s Consultants
  • Access to apply to be approved as a Debt Relief Order Intermediary (through AdviceUK acting as a Competent Authority)

Discounts on Products and Services

We have numerous products and services offered at discount to members, these include:

  • Consultancy – across a variety of subject areas including:
    • Organisational Structuring/ Strategic Planning
    • Running your Organisation
    • Workforce
    • Financial Health
    • Money Advice Consulting
    • Customer Service
    • Research & Insight
  • Networking – sharing sector knowledge and access to AdviceUK’s annual conference – with an AUK members discounted delegate fee
  • Training & Qualifications
  • Software – AdvicePro Case Management system
  • Insurances – Professional indemnity, Trustees, Directors & Officers insurance
  • Recruitment – Access to advertise om AdviceUK’s Jobs in Advice site
  • Advertising – across a number of web platforms including UK AdviceFinder, Jobs in Advice and parts of the main AUK website
  • Information Services – Access to UK AdviceFinder, our UK-wide directory of over 10,000 advice-giving organisations
  • Media and Comms Support
  • Discounted Services and Supplies – Telecoms and Stationery

Please go to our products and services section for more information on paid for services.

“Our membership not only plugs us into your excellent information services, but also links us to the wider network of organisations nationally.”

– Luton Law Centre

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