Managing Change & Developing Personal Resilience

“A practical one-day course to understand the dynamics of change at work & learn to navigate it effectively.”

Please note that this course is only offered in-house

Who is this course for?

This course is only offered as an in-house event so that we can tailor the content and style to meet the need of individual organisations. It is suitable for both line-managers or employees, but it may not be appropriate to mix the two on the same course.

Learning outcomes

  • Investigate the concept of change & how it manifests at work
  • Explore the Change Curve cycle, as related to organisations
  • Examine & practice practical strategies for developing personal resilience at work
  • Action plan for own change process

Indicative contents

  • Change at work – cause & effects
  • What is change?
  • Why does it cause us so much anxiety?
  • Can we exist without change?
  • Why do we need a training course on change management?

The Change Curve

  • The Kubler-Ross model & its applications to organisational change
  • Stages of change & how to identify them
  • Supporting people through the various stages of change

Developing personal resilience to change

  • Your relationship with YOU
  • Practical exercises to deal with emotions & feelings ‘in the moment’
    • developing rapport
    • perceptual positions
  • Developing your own 10 point change management action plan

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