Advice Services – What to Expect

How do advice services tend to work? What are their principles of operation relating to AdviceUK’s membership criteria?

  • Free or any charges clearly told about up front
  • No other strings attached – e.g. donations or joining anything
  • Confidential – what that means
  • Non-judgemental – ditto
  • Shouldn’t tell you what to do – should present options for you to decide
  • Consideration of your interest paramount at all times
  • Explain things clearly and tell you what’s going to be done how and when
  • Get back to you when they say they will
  • Take care of your documents and their file
  • Get your express permission before sharing anything with any third party
  • Explain if there are certain things they can’t do for you e.g. because of lack of resources etc etc.

There are likely to be queues of waits for an appointment…

…Premises won’t be plush

No advice agencies are well-off…

…Most will be struggling financially to keep pace

Might be using volunteers…


Should be professional, diligent and go the extra mile for you – otherwise what’s the point ?!

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