Chilli Reid, Executive Director

Chilli has worked for AdviceUK since April 2005. He has previously been the Head of Development and Services.

As Executive Director he has overall responsibility for developing the AdviceUK network across GB. He leads the organisation and staff in supporting AdviceUK members to be more effective at improving peoples lives. Chilli leads on policy and influencing work and seeks to reflect the major issues affecting people. Chilli is at the forefront of developing the Whole Person Approach based on the systems work that  AdviceUK leads the field in

He leads on developing new working relationships with organisations across the spectrum including statutory bodies, quangos, charities and private sector organisations, academic institutions,housing associationsand many others.

Before joining AdviceUK Chilli managed a specialist debt advice agency having previously been a debt and generalist advice practitioner. He is also an experienced trainer a qualified teacher with a legal background.

Please contact me at or ring 0300 777 0107.