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City Bridge Trust - The Way Ahead

2018: The Way Ahead and AdviceUK

AdviceUK is currently receiving some funding from the City Bridge Trust that enables us to engage with and support The Way Ahead (TWA). This is an initiative based on the conviction that London needs a vibrant Civil Society…

2012-2017: LankellyChase Foundation

AdviceUK was delighted to have been funded by LankellyChase Foundation to be part of the Promoting Change Network.
The LankellyChase Foundation’s theory of change reflects very closely AdviceUK’s learnings through our use of the Vanguard

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2015-2017 London Councils

Between 2015-2017 AdviceUK was funded by London Councils under their 2015-2017 Grants Programme to provide effective infrastructure support and capacity-building for London’s advice sector in all London boroughs.

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New BAN Website Live!

The new website for the Black & Minority Ethnic Advice Network has just gone live.

BAN is an integrated network of advice services, delivered for and by the people from London’s migrant refugee communities.

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Sustainable Debt Advice Project Evaluation Results

The evaluation reports for AdviceUK’s Sustainable Debt Advice Project are now available. This provides the findings from the pilot phase of the project, which ran from April 2012 to March 2013.

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2012: Sustainable Debt Advice

AdviceUK’s Sustainable Debt Advice Project, or SDAP, is aims to provide alternative sources of funding for the free debt advice sector.  It also aims to improve the sustainability of debt repayments, benefiting both clients and creditors.

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From 2007: Vanguard Systems Thinking

AdviceUK’s supported since 2007 by the Baring Foundation in our mission to work to rethink ‘advice’.