What can we do for you?

AdviceUK helps individual advice services, local advice networks and commissioners rethink what advice does and how it can contribute to fixing problems in communities.

We use the Vanguard Method for Systems Thinking to understand how advice services work and how they fit with other systems such as benefits administration, housing and homelessness services, support services, debt recovery or access to credit.

Because the Vanguard Method is designed to support leaders to learn, we don’t work like most consultants: we won’t produce project plans with outputs and timescales or reports for you to discuss in meetings (or leave on the shelf)! We’ll help you study and challenge your thinking, but this approach is about you getting out into your service and studying what happens, and using data gained in the work to experiment and find what works. When you start studying, what you learn dictates where you need to look next, and the amount of time leaders put in determines how long it takes.

If you want to break the mould in your local area, contact us for more information about what we could do for you.

Simon Johnson, BOLD Co-ordinator


Tel: 07960 790946