Asking Better Questions

Rethinking the problem

Understanding the problem as one of supply and demand does not offer sustainable solutions, and leaves advice services on the treadmill of trying to do ever more with less.

AdviceUK’s approach starts with understanding demand and its causes, and finds ways to stop the ‘failure’ demand that clogs up advice services. The focus is to:

  • Understand the purpose of the service from the perspective of the people who use it
  • Analyse people’s journeys and how to deliver what matters for them in as few steps as possible
  • Design to deliver only and exactly what matters to people, which achieves better outcomes and reduces waste and cost

‘Failure’ demand is the demand placed on a service because it, or another organisation fails to do something for a customer, or to do it right. Much of the demand for advice is preventable, caused by the failure of public services or commercial lenders to get it right for people.Understanding demand

Vanguard Consulting pioneered this approach to service design in the public sector and have over 20 years experience of helping local authorities, health providers, emergency services and private business, including a number of blue-chip companies, to deliver transformational change that results in:

  • Improved services and outcomes for people
  • Increased capacity
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved staff morale

We have put together a short presentation – Designing Outside-In – that introduces the Vanguard Method in advice services.