Advice Consultancy

AdviceUK Consulting offer paid-for consultancy services to a range of organisations across the voluntary, public and private sectors – in particular for advice agencies, housing associations, student unions and local autorities.

Our services are available to all organisations but our member organisations benefit from significant discounts.

Our rates are available on request.

We, at AdviceUK believe advice however it is described as being vital. Vital to our lives, life changing and potentially lifesaving.

Advice is all encompassing.

And who better to provide consultancy for your business than an organisation and an consultants trained in ‘advice’…

Consulting is covered in more detail in our products and services section. However, in the context of ‘What is Advice?’, we feel that our consultant’s knowledge of advice equips them with the best tools  to provide consultancy across a range of consultancy types and sectors.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Organisational Structuring/ Strategic Planning
  • Running your Business
  • Workforce
  • Financial Health
  • Money Advice Consulting
  • Customer Service

All our consultants have worked in advice for many years. We believe this gives our consultants the best skills for advising any businesses across the areas outlined above.

Wouldn’t you rather get advice from someone who has TRAINED in advice? Who UNDERSTANDS advice and who can GIVE advice tailored to REALLY help YOU, your ORGANISATION and your CUSTOMERS?

Contact AdviceUK Consulting on 0300 777 0108.

We also provide bespoke training and consulting and training packages on a wide range of subjects can also be arranged.

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